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Welcome to Sthaptya Vishwa Project Consultant Architect Firms in Pune. We are proud to introduce our firms Sthaptya Vishwa professional architect consultancy, specializing in Residential Building Design, Commercial Interior Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design and Project Management consultancy.

We are a group of young, dynamic and Professional architects with zeal to provide best of our services for the value addition to your esteemed project.

We focus on core residential, commercial design and management principles to build a functional and aesthetical environment for our clients.

“We aspire to deliver your ideas through our expertise- Sthaptya Vishwa, Consultant Architect.”

Meet Our Team

Ar. Rajeshwari Jagtap Principal Architect / CEO Passionate Principal Architect / CEO of the firm with extensive experience.
Ar. Vishwanath Jagtap Associate Architect Young and dynamic Architect from Pune proficient in designing and execution.

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We as Consultant Architect strongly believe in the ideas for generating value for the project and for the clients. Our designs speak for the simplicity and aesthetics.


The commercial,residential interior of any project add value to the living comfort of the individual. A finely crafted design plays and important role for the functionality of the project.

Project Management

Integrated approach towards the project is achieved by implementing rigorously the principles of Project Management with modern ways & techniques with our consultancy.

Corporate Training

We understand the need of constant up gradation skills of the architect employees . The training's are focused on latest technology and management principles.

Recent Modern Designs

``Sthaptyavisha Projects Consultant`` believe strongly in keeping up with modern technology and integrating such systems into our work environment. As a result of advances in technology we are able to work and monitor projects in all parts of our vast country.

Consultant Architect Firms

Sthaptya Vishwa is a Pune based multi-disciplinary architect & engineering firm provide multipurpose architect services like residential, commercial building design, residential, commercial interior design, architectural project management, landscape project design, institutional project design, turnkey building project design, architectural engineering and design, sustainable architecture & consultancy based on Pune, India.