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A Homeowner’s Dream- Sophisticated Interiors & Smart Design

They say that a house is built up of bricks & beams, but a home is made up of memories & dreams. For every person, his home is a space of comfort & a treasure chest of blissful memories. And when it comes to buying your perfect dream home, several factors must be taken into consideration by a homebuyer, like:

  1. Location: Your residential location determines your lifestyle & is a contributor to your monthly budgets by adding or subtracting commutation costs based on the location where it is situated. Thus, you must be very wise in screening locations of your potential dream home. Your home location must appropriately suit your lifestyle and living patterns, and should also be accessible to your daily travel locations like schools, supermarkets, offices, etc. and other utilities like restaurants and hospitals.
  2. Infrastructure- The infrastructure of your residence says a lot about you. Not only that, but it also adds to the living comfort of the individual. It is quintessential for your building to have a smart, modern & sustainable infrastructure. Right from the blueprint of the design to the quality of materials used and the functionality of the infrastructure, everything is important to the homebuyer’s living comfort, and a smart homebuyer always makes it sure to check on these particulars & specifics while buying the property.
  3. Functionality- While buying a home, it is of utmost importance to consider the functionality of the project as well as the property. It is an inevitable prerequisite that a project must suit well to all or most of your purposes of home buying, and needless to mention that must be a practical project.
  4. Aesthetics of Architecture- Apart from accessibility, functionality & sustainability of the project, the beauty & aesthetics are the factors that dazzle the eyes of homebuyers. People tend to prefer beautiful & scenic locations surrounded by some natural beauty and lively & aesthetical places like parks and gardens to add some peace & serenity into their living. This aesthetics is sought after not only on the outside but also on the inside, which means that the design of the building and the house too should appeal to the buyer’s senses.
  5. Space Optimisation- This factor is inevitable in the home buying hunt. People tend to concentrate more focus on selecting projects that make the most optimum utilization of space and get them the best value for their money. This means that the bedrooms, washrooms, living room & galleries must be designed spaciously and strategically, in a way that makes the house seem spacious & comfortable.
  6. Amenities- Regardless of your purpose of buying a house, you would always prefer to choose a project that provides you with great modern amenities like parks, gyms, clubhouse, community halls, in addition to the basic amenities like water, electricity, network connectivity, power backups, etc. All these factors signify the criticality of home buying. It is a life-changing decision for any and every person & one must be very thoughtful while selecting their perfect dream home. If you too are looking for your perfect dream home, get in touch with us. We are Sthaptya Vishwa Firms, Pune’s leading Project Consultant & Architecture Firm, providing the best of the best residential design, architecture & interior design solutions.

For every person, his home is a space of comfort & a treasure chest of blissful memories, and we delivered it.

author : Ar. Rajeshwari Jagtap

We strongly believe that an imagination designed with great detail and put into reality for delivery and functionality for our valued clients.

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