Designing Commercial Interior Spaces, Pune, India

November 03, 2014Creativity

The boost in the economy has opened avenues for the large scale development of commercial properties. The commercial properties provide a wide range of opportunities for the interior designer consultancy to explore the possibilities of design and creativity. The design aspect is challenging and changes with its use and requirement. There is vast need for interior designing professionals for designing corporate office interiors, shopping mall interiors, hotels, restaurants, banks and government offices. Each and every type of commercial interior is unique, requires different approach towards designing, functioning of spaces and creation of ambience for the end user.
The interior design of corporate offices or government offices or banks require a through understanding of functional aspect of the space, movement of large number of people during specific working hours and also to address to the needs of the visitor as well as to the employee serving the customer. The working environment thus created leads to the enhancement of the productivity. Therefore corporate houses are now a days paying more detailed attention to space utilization, ambience created and comfort achieved.
A professional interior designer is needed to understand these aspects and provide a design solution which will also help to create brand image for the corporate client.
The interior design for each commercial space is different. Therefore one cannot apply same design principles to all commercial spaces. The interiors of corporate offices, government offices and banks are dictated by the corporate branding strategies adopted by particular organization.
However, the hotels, restaurants or recreational spaces provide a bit more free hand in designing as it is the ‘’Uniqueness’’ that is important in these kind of spaces. The integration of design, services, lighting and comfort has to be achieved in recreational, leisure spaces. The revenue generation capability of any hotel or restaurant is also some what associated with the theme of interiors, ambience and comfort provided along with best food on the table.
The interior designer has to also understand the segment of people who will be visiting the commercial space and has to qualify for the taste of the visitors for appreciation of his design.
The sensitivity to the visitor’s requirement is also to be maintained where it is important to attract the customer, for example shopping malls, shops, exhibition centre etc. The luxury shopping malls require a unique combination of functionality, aesthetics, comfort and balance between the needs of the customer visiting the shop and the shop owner displaying the goods.
Keeping in view all the aspects of commercial interiors design consultancy, it is very important to understand the need of professional interior designer who can provide suitable solutions in terms of design, functionality, comfort along with cost and time.
The new age modern materials assist in achieving best results in terms of sustainability, aesthetics and utility. The best use of modern technology also enhances the overall effect of the interior space and proves beneficial in the long run.

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