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Dodging The Hurdles Of An Architectural Project

Great architecture is not just made of bricks and cement, it encompasses the heart and soul of an architect. It has been drizzled upon by his blood, sweat, and tears to stand still, strong, and supportive for its inhabitants. There are seamless efforts and dedication behind the construction of an architectural project and these efforts are often trembled by waves of difficulties and obstacles. The architecture firms face salient & unique issues in the way of their work and it is through passion and persistence that they overcome them and come up with magnificent architectures.

Let us discuss some of these major hurdles in the architecture industry.

  1. Project Personnel Management: Architectural projects demand a huge skilled and semi-skilled manpower to fuel & facilitate the working of the project. However, it becomes quite a difficult task to keep in track with each and every person working on a project & to be able to monitor the horizontal and vertical communication amongst these employees. Without being systematic about the communication amongst your employees, the project can become haphazard in no time!
  2. Iterations & Delays- The projects are subject to endless changes and iterations at every stage which digresses the personnel and the progress of the project from the schedule and the concept of keeping up with time management comes into the picture. It is very essential to have flexible planning for executing your project strategies so as to avoid time runches or delays in delivery.
  3. Maintaining Quality- Any organization is known more for their work than their name. And when it comes to the architecture industry, there is a huge responsibility to ensure the safety of end-users or the inhabitants by maintaining product quality standards and optimizing budgets.
  4. Management of documents- It is extremely essential to have proper knowledge of documentation & legal policies, especially when your firm is handling projects in different geographical locations across the country. It is quintessentially important for architectural firms to have proper documentation of their work and to have these documents filed well within the legal frameworks.

Apart from these major issues, there are zillions of small and large rocks in the path like monitoring resource availability, budget optimization, client servicing, management of billable utilization, and the list continues long. All these hurdles can be dodged through extensive experience & smart strategies.

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author : Ar. Rajeshwari Jagtap

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