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Landscape Architecture- Creating Solace, Embracing Aesthetics

Landscape architecture is a vividly creative discipline of the architecture industry that conjugates the elements of art & environment, architecture & engineering to add an aesthetical feel to a project. It endows the project with a peaceful natural outlook & serenity. The objective of landscape architecture is to make a project more serene, functional, & welcoming & moreover, aesthetically pleasing for its inhabitants.

The concept of landscape architecture has been prevailing & functional since the eras of early agricultural development & civilizations. Eventually, it evolved to become a separate discipline & gradually became a pursued profession for many aspiring architects.

Today, almost every architectural project involves landscape architecture; like parks & gardens, residential & commercial projects, schools, colleges, institutional buildings, hotels, monuments, public spaces hospitals, etc.

Undoubtedly, landscape architecture has multiple aesthetical benefits for a project as It makes the project seem more homely and welcoming to its inhabitants and adds life and colors to its beauty. But it does way more than that. It is an excellent way to sustain the environmental aspect of your project. The landscape architecture focuses on building essential infrastructure that prevents soil from erosion and acts as a natural air purifier for the project and its vicinity.

Having a landscape architecture on your project builds an atmosphere of peace and positivity. A study reveals that the presence of serene landscapes in a person’s vicinity helps prevent & combat depression. Aesthetic and alluring landscapes are great contributors to happy living.

All in all, landscape architectures create more sustainable, liveable, and smarter cities. Planning on incorporating best and scenic landscapes in your project? Connect with Sthaptya Vishwa Project Consultancy firms in Pune for all your landscape architecture consultancy needs.

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author : Ar. Rajeshwari Jagtap

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