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Sustainable Infrastructure- Architecture For Smart Development

Be it a personal relationship or a property deal, today, everything in a person’s life demands durability & commitment. People are always more likely to invest in properties that could support & sustain them in the long run & cater to all their needs for as long as possible.

However, behind the curtains, the construction of such projects is a research-intensive & planning-concentred process. Meticulous efforts have to be taken to contemplate & understand peoples’ needs of the past and in the present in order to derive a pattern to predict their needs & lifestyle in the future. And the builders & architects who implement such research-intensive and thoughtful projects gave birth to the concept of sustainable infrastructure.

Sustainable infrastructure, or precisely speaking of Sustainable Urban Infrastructure, is an up-gradation of the urban infrastructure. It brings an element of sustainability to the focus along with the objectives of incorporating the modernity of the urban infrastructure. This concept aims at building up architectural structures that support the economic & ecological balance of the society & the nation. In simpler words, sustainable infrastructure refers to the concept of green buildings or smart buildings.

Sustainable infrastructure has promising returns to every individual, the society and the nation, and is the way forward to brighten and enlighten our future. However, it also extremely important that this concept of sustainable infrastructure is implemented very strategically & systematically to make sure that the financial gap between the investments needed for the sustainable infrastructure concept and the current investment levels are zero or minimal in the due course of execution.

In 2015, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals were adopted, which stated the importance and essentiality on the agenda of both new as well as aging infrastructure. It is needless to mention how important and predictive is the role of the governing bodies at the national, regional, and city levels in developing sustainable infrastructures in their jurisdiction. The support, co-operation & enthusiasm from the common public for such an initiative would also greatly strengthen an

In addition to this, the prospect demands extensive efforts from the architecture industry. The personnel of this industry shall rise above the mainstream of conventional architecture and breathe life and innovation in their endeavours like residential, commercial & industrial architecture, Warehousing, Designing & construction of Institutions, schools, colleges, parks, hotels, etc. and facilitate the development of all urban as well the rural regions of the country. Not only this, the introduction of such sustainable architecture, would also help in bridging the gap between the paces of urban and rural development in the country.

The concept of sustainable architecture is not only economically beneficial, but it is also a breakthrough initiative from the environment & ecology perspective. The concept strobly aids climate resilience. According to the 2015 Synthesis Report on intended nationally determined contribution (or INDCs), the sustainable infrastructure and sustainable transportation systems are a primary priority for submissions from many countries

Thus, incorporating sustainable architecture can help these countries accomplish their national targets as set in their INDCs to the overall goal of 2 º C which was set at Paris. In a nutshell, the idea of investing in sustainable infrastructure can prove to be a great source of economic growth, maintaining ecological balance, enhancing community wellbeing, and optimizing financial returns.

author : Ar. Rajeshwari Jagtap

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